How to Travel as a Student

Travel as a Student

How can travel be affordable when you are a student? The question which bothers a lot of students and blocks their window to several travelling opportunities just because they believe travelling is an expensive hobby. Well, there are ways to make your trip possible if you know where to look and what to do. If you are a student who is broke enough to travel to France, these tips will help you make better decisions.

Tip number 1

Do not go to France. You do not have to plan a trip which you cannot possibly afford at all. The sole purpose of travelling is to visit places, not just a particular site. If travelling to France is your dream, you can put it in your bucket list and plan in advance until have saved enough to last long in France. Until then you can still travel to local regions and visit places which you can afford. This does not only make you learn about other things but will also give you enough experience for your future France trip.

Find out about the place

Before you can plan your itinerary for your trip, do research about the destination. Find out how expensive it is to make you stay for a day. Check out the possible accommodations that you can afford. You do not have to stay in a hotel. You can always choose to stay as a paying guest or check out local hostels if you have plans of staying for a week. There are also several volunteering opportunities available where you can help the kids by teaching and get a free stay at their accommodations.

Consider cheap travel

You need to plan everything under your budget. Same goes for transport. Being youthful does not need luxury travel as young people can adjust better than old people. You can use alternative transportation if you feel travelling through flight or taxis can cost you more. You can always choose the bus and other public transports for your trip and save a slot of money. You can do some research to find out the best deals for air tickets and find buses or trains going to your destination if possible.


Enjoy student discounts

Even the tourism industry does not mind offering  little favours to students. Many travel agencies and destinations have special packages for students. It is to encourage people about travelling so that the tourism industry can create their future customers. As you go to new places, ask for student discounts. It can benefit you from flight tickets to accommodations to visiting museums and national parks with discounts. Make sure to bring your school or college identity with you while booking the tickets and claiming your offers.

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