Best Gambling Places in Asia

Gambling Places

The largest continent on the earth has a vast store of resources, and the rest of the world looks up to all that sprouts out of this land of marvels. With 48 countries contributing to the wealth of the formidable continent, the results towards prosperity are higher. Although not like in the US, Asia has a significant number of casinos that can take you through the lanes of fortune. The second-biggest casino in the world is mapped on that vast amoeba-shaped continent. With the shortest name and the largest area, this continent has some of the most popular and top-end casinos to serve you with the grandeur. Here are the top gambling destinations and some of the best 3win2u casinos in Asia.


An autonomous region located by the south coast of China, Macau is China’s prized possession. With several casinos running in the territory, the lucrativeness that these casinos impart on the country is immeasurable. Majority of the revenue that the region earns owes to the grand casinos that root into the land of great history. With gambling being legalized in 1962, the number of casinos and its grandeur witnessed a rise in the subsequent years, and Macau has developed some of the biggest and best casinos in the world.

The Venetian

Owned by the reputed company Las Vegas Sands, the Venetian has built itself up into second biggest casino in the world and the largest single structure hotel in Asia. It is the ideal place for business and vacation, as it offers much more than just gambling and luxurious rooms. Lush shopping zones, conference areas, and entertainment/sports arenas.

Parisian Macau

Macau presents you with a simulated Paris to serve you with some quality gambling and vacation experiences. It has a replica of the Eifel tower encompassed by top-end apparel stores, retail shops, entertainment hubs and theatres, and about 3000 rooms.

Grand Lisboa

Owned by SJM Holdings, Grand Lisboa is the first casino in Macau to offer Texas hold ‘em poker and craps. Although it does not have a reputation as that of the other casinos, it is the tallest building in the whole of Macau, and this height holds 47 floors, 800 gaming tables, and 1000 slot machines.


Singapore is a wealthy country with all the resources that it possesses, both above and beneath the ground. Oil trading,  foreign exchange centres, finance, and the casino industry has played vital roles in enhancing the country’s economy. Although Singapore does not have as many casinos like that of Macau, the quality of gaming and hospitality it offers is incomparable. The gambling rules of Singapore could hassle the players at times, so it is always best to carry valid identifications documents.

Marina Bay Sands

Owned by the same Las Vegas Sands that owns The Venetian of Macau, Marina Bay Sands is the world’s largest atrium casino. A convention-exhibition centre, a mall, a museum, and a hotel with more than 2000 rooms are the highlights of the casino.

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