10/28/2009 - World of Subways Vol.2 - U7 ------- UPDATE 1.2._english


New content:


- F90 train: Blower sound and compressor sound has been added.

- Curve squeaking sound has been added on special route points.

- Ahead driving AI traffic now available (waiting on red lights included).

- Now it is also possible to drive shorter routes. Selectable in the game menu.




- Door function: White lamp only applies when doors are closed.

- Driving physics: Up and down hill behaviors have been improved.

- Orthography of "Rathaus Spandau" has been corrected.

- Missing passengers and no entering/exiting passengers issue between 4 PM - 5 PM have been fixed.

- Speed limit sign 60KpH at exit "Blissestrasse" in direction "Spandau" has been moved for a better visibility.

- Stop signs at the final stations "Rathaus Spandau" and "Rudow" have been moved.

- Missing car position signs inside the stations "Rohrdamm", "Siemensdamm", "Richard-Wagner-Platz" have been added.

- F90 train: Sounds for "Security/DeadMan-Switch" (SiFa), Drivingswitch, Pre selection switch, Acceleration/Brakeswitch have been changed.

- Horn sound has been shortend

How to install the Update:
- download the Update from our Support-Center
- start the EXE
- go to the main folder of World of Subways Vol. 2
- press button to install
- select "all"